Water, Water Not-a-Drop-Near-Here

What’s the word on the street?  Several grumblings were brought to my attention about listings where the agent has indicated that the property is near or on water even when that is not the case, to boost online rankings or appear in more search results.   We were asked to address the situation and make sure all are playing by the same rules.  Since staff can’t tell with 100% accuracy if a property has access to water, we typically send a note to the Designated REALTOR with the suggestion that all listings be checked.  Here are the rules everyone should know if they don’t want to get in trouble:

Realtors should always indicate the appropriate access to water defined below, but if an agent is indicating that property has attributes it does not have, there is a potential for a violation of the Code of Ethics and increased liability for Chapter 93A claims. Presenting a true picture is very important!   The following definitions are part of our policy and accessible when entering your listing by clicking on the orange ? button next to the name of the waterfront property.

Lake/Pond/River View

  • Should be checked only if clear views exist from the listed property

Lake/Pond/River Access

  • Should be checked only if accessible from the listed property

Close to Water / Walking Distance

  • Under .25 miles to water

Frontage on Water must have frontage on an actual body water (river, lake or pond), named in that field.

Advertising waterfront for a puddle or seasonal stream?  Well it’s not fooling anyone and calls your professionalism into question that’s for sure.