Committee Center

Committee Center

Our committees are the lifeblood of the Board and establish the services, education, and programs we offer to our membership. The diversity of these committees and task forces is matched by the diversity of REALTORS volunteering to participate in the process.

We need you, to ensure that the Board is meeting your professional needs and hope you will consider taking part. Simply learning about the various groups working on your behalf is a start… perhaps attending a meeting that interests you is the perfect second step… and finally we hope to see you take that final leap to becoming an active participant in our association.

Committee Descriptions

Finance/Audit Committee 

Mission: The Finance / Audit Committee monitors the organization’s financial standing; reviews and oversees the creating of accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements to be presented to the board; reviews the annual budget and recommends it to the full board for approval; monitors budget implementation and financial procedures; monitors budget assets; reviews and recommends the audit review before full board approval.


1. Act as an adviser and monitor for staff administration of the day-to-day financial operations
2. Provide oversight responsible to the Board for the annual or as needed review of the investment policy.
3. The Committee will review, at least annually, the transactions within the portfolio in adherence to the investment policy.
4. The committee is to monitor any short, intermediate, and long-term capital.
6. The Finance Committee is to assist the Chief Executive Officer in developing an annual budget and ensuring that the operations are conducted pursuant to it.

Committee Composition: A seven (7) member Committee, co-Chaired by the Treasurer of the Board and MLS and comprised of current and future President’s, if known, with at least one presidential appointment from the membership at large. The Chief Executive Officer and Member Services Administrator also serve on this committee.

Grievance Committee 

Mission: To conduct preliminary investigations and evaluations of complaints forwarded to the Committee from individual members, the public, and other committees or upon the committee’s own motions. Determine whether an ethics hearing or an arbitration hearing should be held or conversely, whether it should be dismissed as insufficient on it face. The Grievance Committee DOES NOT conduct hearings and DOES NOT determine if a violation of the Code of Ethics has occurred.

Code Of Ethics – Administering the Articles and standards of practice of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics complaint process is not a job to be taken lightly. Extensive knowledge of the code is critical for the proper review of ethics and arbitration complaints.

REALTOR® Arbitration – The process of determining procuring cause can only be applied in limited circumstances when a commission dispute arises from a real estate closing. The Grievance Committee ensures that the circumstances provide for the resolution in an arbitration hearing of the Professional Standards Committee.

REALTOR® Mediation – This mediation process is made available when a complaint has been filed and has not yet been seen by the Grievance Committee. Once the Grievance Committee reviews a complaint (or request for Arbitration) Mediation is again offered as an alternate form of resolution.

Committee Member Responsibilities: (note: Committee Members are Presidential Appointments for 3 year terms).
• To investigate all requests for Ethics and Arbitration Hearings.
• Seek clarification from the complainant, if there is uncertainty whether the complaint is an ethics complaint or an arbitration complaint.
• If necessary, to help the complainant draft the complaint in proper form.
• Upon its own motion or upon instruction of the Directors, investigate the actions of a member when there is reason to believe the members conduct may be subject to disciplinary action.
• Forward appropriate complaints to the Professional Standards Committee.
• Attend an annual Professional Standards Training Program.

Committee Composition:

Five members appointed by the President, for staggered three-year terms. The President shall annually designate the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Committee.

Investment Committee

Contracts and Forms Revision


Issues Awareness


Berkshire REALTORS® work together with the community to identify, support and sustain charitable organizations that improve the quality of life in Berkshire County.

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Professional Standards Committee

Description: The Professional Standards Committee conducts ethics and arbitration hearings to enforce the provisions in the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and to arbitrate business disputes arising out of commission discrepancies.

Mission: Conduct Ethics and Arbitration Hearings to enforce the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and to arbitrate business disputes.


1. Be aware of the concepts of due process and be faithful to those concepts in all matters.

2. To prepare by studying the Code of Ethics and applicable hearing procedures.

3. In the case of an Ethics Hearing, to hear the matter, make findings of fact, render a decision and recommend appropriate penalty if violation of the Code is determined.

4. In the conduct of any Hearing, make a calm, objective and judicial atmosphere.

5. In the conduct of an arbitration hearing, to maintain high ethical standards of integrity, faithfulness to agency and fairness to all parties.

6. Attend annual Professional Standards Training program.

Committee Composition: At least 30 members, appointed by the President. The President’s appointments should be carefully evaluated as to real estate experience, Board Service, judicial temperament and competence. Chairperson’s Responsibilities: To appoint hearing panels and conduct periodic meetings for the purpose of Committee education regarding new procedures.

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