Showing Services

The Berkshire MLS has partnered with Homesnap, a division of the Broker Public Portal, to provide you with outstanding, integrated showing services in the FlexMLS system.  You can now manage your showing schedule online, within Flex or in the Homesnap website or app as well.

Homesnap Showings Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homesnap Showings?

  • Homesnap Showings is a modern showing management tool that is built into the existing Homesnap Pro platform and available across desktop, and soon on iOS and Android. As an agent or broker, you can seamlessly schedule and manage showings for clients without fear that your data will be shared with or controlled by a competitor. Homesnap Showings is included in the Homesnap Pro subscription suite that is provided to agents for free, courtesy of their MLS.

Does it cost anything for agents, brokers, or MLSs to use Homesnap Showings?

  • Homesnap Showings is completely free for agents! It is included with your free Homesnap Pro account, courtesy of your MLS. 
  • Homesnap Showings is completely free for brokers. Your agents who’ve claimed their free Homesnap Pro account will have immediate access. 
  • Homesnap Showings is also free for MLS. Homesnap Showings is included at no additional cost to your current Homesnap contract.

What is Homesnap’s stance on data and privacy?

  • Homesnap will never sell your data or your client’s data. Homesnap has a proven track record of building innovative, industry- and agent-friendly technology products. We will never become a competing MLS, brokerage, or iBuyer because it goes against our values. Your data is safe with us.

I’m a listing agent. How do I get started with Homesnap Showings?

  • If you want to start accepting showings on your listings using Homesnap Showings, you can turn on the “Accept Showings” toggle in the Showings Settings or the My Listings page. There are a few things we recommend you check before turning the “Accept Showings” toggle on:
      1. Verify the confirmation requirements
      2. Add appropriate people as contacts on the showing’s settings
      3. Make sure the available/unavailable times are added
      4. Fill out the access details to let the buyer’s agent know how to get into the property
  • Once these items are verified and your “Accept Showings” is toggled on, your listing is ready to start accepting showing requests!

I’m a buyer’s agent. How do I get started with Homesnap Showings?

  • Booking a showing for yourself or a client is simple with Homesnap Showings! Agents can either book a showing directly from a listing page or within the showing center through the Pro Tab. First, pick an address and then select your date and preferred time. A showing request will then be sent to the listing agent. If your MLS has chosen to integrate Homesnap Showings into their portal, then you will also have access points built into your MLS experience. These may vary from MLS to MLS, but they usually include several buttons and/or links that will open Homesnap Showings where you can quickly set up and schedule showings.

I’m working with another agent who does not have Homesnap Pro. Can they still book on my listing?

  • That agent will need to have a Homesnap Pro account. If the agent is part of an MLS, this means they’ll just need to claim their free Homesnap Pro account if they haven’t already. If the agent is not provided with Homesnap Pro through an MLS, the listing agent is able to book an appointment on that agent’s behalf.

Is there a phone number that agents can call if they need real-time support or have questions while using Homesnap Showings?

  • Homesnap has a team of specialists ready to offer live support! Agents can call 1-800-431-5509 and select (1) for Showings support. Homesnap’s Support team is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

I’m currently using ShowingTime. Can I still use Homesnap?

  • Our “Schedule with ShowingTime” feature is not going anywhere! If a listing agent is using ShowingTime as their showing service, Homesnap Pro agents will still be able to schedule on ShowingTime from our website or apps in the “Agent Actions” section, like they do today. Only when the listing agent chooses to use Homesnap Showings instead of ShowingTime, will you see a booking window displaying available dates and times within “Agent Actions.”
  • If you decide to switch to Homesnap Showings to manage your showings as a buyer’s agent, you can build an itinerary for listings that uses both third-party showing services like ShowingTime and Homesnap Showings. You can manually add ShowingTime or third-party appointments to your Homesnap itineraries and calendars. Currently, we do not support migrating existing appointments from ShowingTime to Homesnap Showings. But, if the listing is managed in ShowingTime, you will be directed to book there and then add the date and time to your itinerary inside Homesnap. Then, you can share a single, complete itinerary plan with your buyers so they know where to be and when.

I’m not the listing agent. Can I help manage a showing?

  • Listing agents can add other Homesnap Pro users as contacts in their showing settings. As long as the person added has access to Homesnap Pro, they can edit all the showing settings and approve/decline showing requests.

When you share the itinerary with your client, are they able to see access details such as combo codes, etc?

  • Listing agents have the option to leave both public and private remarks for a showing. Access details are not shared with clients.

Does Homesnap Showings integrate with calendar apps?

  • Homesnap Showings offers a calendar option to keep track of all of your showings and client itineraries. Additionally, there is the option to import Google calendar or export your Homesnap calendar to both Google Calendar and Outlook.

Can you add a location to the map that is not a listing?

  • Yes, you can search by an address and Homesnap Showings uses the Google Places API to pre-populate any business, residential, or retail address. Then, that will be plotted on the map if you wanted to meet at a central location before the first showing or plan a coffee stop at the end of your itinerary to discuss the homes you saw that day.

How do I get notified about showing requests?

  • All showing requests will be sent via Homesnap Messages. Listing agents can choose how they and their clients would like to be notified about these messages for each contact on their listing from their “Showing Settings” page. Agents can choose Smart Notifications, which intelligently use a combination of push, text, and email, or choose to only be notified via text or email.

Can my seller approve showing requests?

  • When the listing agent adds a seller as a contact to their listing, the seller will receive an email inviting them to create a Homesnap account and download the app. Once a seller is added, they will be able to get showing requests and confirm appointments. We don’t require the seller to download the app, so they will receive notifications through email and text if they don’t have the Homesnap app. We highly recommend downloading the app and creating an account so they can get push notifications, see their showing activities, and use Homesnap Messages to directly approve/decline their showings and communicate with their agent.

Can I build a multi-stop itinerary?

  • Agents are able to build multi-stop itineraries in Homesnap Showings. When you schedule an appointment, you can choose to start a new itinerary or add the appointment to an existing one. if your itinerary has more than one appointment, your route will be automatically arranged according to each appointment’s start time.

Does Homesnap Showings provide feedback surveys for each showing?

  • Yes, we’re launching with a simple survey and with reminder follow-ups to help buyer’s agents do their part! Based on user feedback, we are launching with a standard set of questions, but have customization of surveys on our roadmap for agents who prefer to personalize their surveys. In addition, listing agents will have the ability to share feedback directly with their sellers.

What reporting does Homesnap Showings provide for each listing?

  • Homesnap Showings will have analytics for each listing on the Showing Activity Report page. This page will encompass your showing stats, upcoming showings, showing activities over time, and feedback metrics. Also, this page will support a seller version, so you can share the stats directly with your clients.
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