REALTOR® Scholarship for a Berkshire Community College Student:

Scholarships in the amount of $750 are granted (by the Berkshire Community College trustees) to a qualified business student at Berkshire Community College, and a resident of Berkshire County. Established in 1986, the Board of REALTORS has been building our scholarship account to ensure we could provide a continuous endowment to this program.  This is one of the oldest scholarships still in existence at BCC and we proudly support a legacy of advanced learning and the development of new skills and knowledge.

Interested applicants should contact the Berkshire Community College Financial Aide Department and inquire about the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS scholarship availability.

  • Berkshire Community College, (413) 499-4660
    1350 West Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201
  • South County Campus, (413) 528-4521
    343 Main Street Great Barrington, MA 01230
“Thank you very much for awarding me with this scholarship. I will continue to work hard to keep my grades up and your scholarship will inspire me to keep working hard when things get tough. When I have accomplished the goals of my education, I hope one day to be in a position where I can give back more to my community.”  Thank you James Wheeler, 2016 Recipient

“I would personally thank the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS for their scholarship donation of $750 that I will be awarded on June 1st at the 32nd Annual BCC Awards Ceremony. This scholarship means a lot to me. I have four courses remaining before I attain my associates degree and this will be of great help.I will continue to strive for academic excellence and promise through this journey, and appreciate the opportunity this scholarship has given me. By investing in my academic endeavors, you have brightened my future and the community we live in.Sincerely, Kimberly Sweeney, 2006 REALTOR® Scholarship Recipient”

Berkshire Community College Award Recipients

2016 – James Wheeler

2015 – Desarai Gazaille

2014 – Ashley Strack

2013 – Allyson Dickhaus

2012 – Kathryn Benner

2011 – Kimberly St. Pierre

2010 – Nikko Severson

2009 – Russell Holmes

2008 – Margaret Macha

2007 – Joanna Brady

2006 – Kimberly Sweeney

2005 – Juan Urrea-Toro

2004 – Erica Haskell

2003 – Elizabeth Cohen

2002 – Jennifer Spadley

2001 – Bonnie Fisher

2000 – Diane Wood

1999 – Dolores Burns

1998 – Shelly L. Laterreur

1997 – Barbara Gagnon

1996 – Christopher Negri

1995 – Bonnie Turner

1994 – Joyce Coco

1993 – Joyce Coco

1992 – Jacqueline Boibeaux

1991 – Cherie Daigle

1990 – Linda McHugh

1989 – Laurence Laurent

1988 – Ellen Newton

1987 – Kelly Walsh

1986 – Margaret Vigiard