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Smoke / CO Inspections

A couple of things about smoke and CO inspections… first, they last for 60 days, so please DO NOT WAIT until the last week before closing to rush for this certificate.  Typically you should know several weeks before closing that the transaction will take place, and that is the time to schedule the inspection.  It

Homeowners Face Tax Hike Under ‘Big 6’ Plan

On September 28, 2017, NAR reported on homeowner ramifications of the proposed tax code reform.  Did you know, currently in Massachusetts, 69.5% of homeowners have a mortgage, and 934,900 claimed the Mortgage Interest Deduction, subtracting and average of $9,200 from taxable income and saving $2,300 on average per taxpayer.  Overall, Massachusetts Homeowners savings from the
MAR Legal Hotline

Notes From the Legal Hotline: Lead Paint

So now everyone is uploading the lead paint form, it’s become apparent that not everyone is filling out the form correctly.  Yikes!  Fines for failure to complete this form correctly can be severe, so I know you want to do the right thing.The seller must initial OR check mark the correct boxes and circle the
Realtor Relief Matching Challenge

REALTOR Relief Foundation

There’s still time to act!  The Board of Directors approved matching funds up to $5000 for any donation made by a Berkshire REALTOR to the National Association of REALTORS REALTOR Relief Foundation (vice-chaired by our own, Debbie Dwyer).  100% of monies donated through this foundation and distributed to individuals and families in need due to

MVP (Member Value Plus) Program – Current Offer

The current MVP program offer is valid between September 16th and September 26th. Your action:  Register for one of NAR’s REALTOR Safety Program Rewards Your reward:  The Little Red Book: Safety Rules to Live By for REALTORS download, plus a chance to win a Guard Llama Personal Protection Kit. ACT NOW

Don’t Forget the Details

Data entry…accuracy…timing…photos, it’s all so important for the best marketing of your client’s property.  But, don’t forget the details!  Believe it or not, Linda has had a busy week here in the Board Office tracking down signatures on Exclusive Right to Sell contracts.  That’s right!  No signatures…sometimes the seller hasn’t signed, sometimes the broker hasn’t
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