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Never worry about a missing Exclusive again

The MLS Board is constantly considering ways to help ensure our members aren’t subjected to fines for common errors.  We are looking at adding field settings to help prevent typos, and safeguards to make sure the data is accurate with minimal oversight – which brings us to an ideal solution for the most common problem

Lead Law Changes for 2018

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health made some changes to deleading standards as well as the standards for lead poisoning in children last month.  The changes should result in lower costs to delead, and help property’s meet Initial Compliance status easier.  That progress comes at a cost – there will be more lead left in

Clearing Snow?

Hopefully this reminder won’t be needed after our recent thaw, but many members have been calling extremely frustrated that they arrive to a property showing appointment to discover that the drive or walkway has not been plowed or shoveled.  In some cases of extremely long, un-maintained drives, properties were not even accessible to buyers –

We Don’t Want to Be Dual Agents

We received this question and thought that the answer might be interesting for all to consider:  “If a buyer client becomes interested in a property listed with my firm, can I change our buyer agency relationship (with their agreement) to facilitation so my office doesn’t have to practice dual agency?” While the current law in

Fair Housing Makes Us Stronger

It’s moving to see how far we’ve come, how far to go….  It was not that long ago that discrimination in housing was common place, and we MUST be vigilant to make sure we protect the rights of home-ownership for ALL. Both federal and state law require the display of a Fair Housing poster in

What is Tax Season Going to Look Like for You?

In case you missed it, NAR did a great video (Facebook live event they taped), that showed how the tax changes will affect Realtors, Brokerages, commercial property investors and homeowners.  You can view the video here.  (47 minutes, fast forward to minute 4)  Learn about the new 20-percent deduction for pass-through entities, how new expensing

Listing Broker Found Liable for Altering Commission

An interesting case decision was just reported on – A listing broker failed to honor the co-broke commission rate identified in the Executive Right to Sale agreement, which ended up netting the listing side more money and a subsequent finding of fraud.  Here is the summary: Texas court rules that listing broker breached his
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