A Note from the Desk of Linda | Listing Start Date

A reminder from Linda, when entering your listing into the MLS, the begin date equals the date that the seller(s) signed the Exclusive Right to Sell contract.  If more then one seller is signing, and they’ve signed on different dates, please use the latest date (i.e., June 2nd and June 4th – use June 4th) as the begin date.  Of course, the end date is specified in the contract.

When dates are entered incorrectly, they will be changed by staff to coincide with the contractual terms of your Exclusive Right to Sell.

Please remember, you have 2-business days from seller’s signature to enter your listing into the MLS – UNLESS you have already marketed the property – then it is 1-business day from seller’s signature as outlined in the Clear Cooperation Policy.  Any other circumstance requires the appropriate addendum to the Exclusive Right to Sell contract, which must be on file (sent to Linda) together with the ERTS contract, within those same 2-business days.

If you have questions, please contact staff by calling the office (413) 442-8049 or sending an email.