RETS, Data Use, and Other Website Options

Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

IDX is a method of providing a search feature on your website. This allows members of the public to utilize your site to perform a search of properties in the Multiple Listing Service. Limited data is displayed back to them. There are several options available to integrate this search on your site, keep reading to find out more! Please inquire from Board Office staff or Flex IDX staff to see about the options available. A free, smart frame version IDX SE is included in our MLS contract. Please go to IDX Manager from the menu in FlexMLS.

Data Feeds – $100 – $1,000 / yr

We offer members with an RESO API data feed for API through the Sparkmart Platform managed by FBS data systems.  RETS is currently being deprecated in favor of the Spark API and our RESO Web API. The future of real estate data transport increasingly uses RESO standards like the Web API and Data Dictionary. After execution of the local agreement, please follow these steps to learn how to subscribe to an MLS data plan in the Spark Datamart:

  1. The Brokerage must execute a Data License Agreement to begin. Email this completed agreement to (MLS Admin) and/or (CEO)
  2. Visit The Spark Platform and click “Signup” in the upper right hand corner. Note: Check out Pricing, Documentation. (Note $100 per agent or office feed, $1,000 for MLS wide license)
  3. Complete the Developer Registration form and click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once your registration has been approved, you’ll need to sign up for a data plan to access live data. Start by logging into your new developer account.
  5. Under the Datamart menu on the left, click “View Developer Datamart”.
  6. Find the MLS and data plan (IDX, VOW, etc.) you’d like to subscribe to and click “Plans and Pricing” to view the licensing costs and Terms and Conditions.
  7. Click the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” checkbox.
  8. Select the application(s) that will use the data.
  9. Indicate whether you are building a product for a specific broker or agent or, if the option is available, multiple brokers or agents. Note: If building for a specific broker or agent, a login name is required.
  10. Click “Purchase With Approval”.

Clicking “Purchase With Approval” initiates the approval process. Depending on required approvals, the agent, office, association, and MLS may need to approve the subscription. After all approvals have been completed, you will receive an email from Spark with your data access instructions, you will see your subscriptions on your Spark dashboard, and your payment will be processed.

If an appropriate data plan is not available in the Spark Datamart, please contact us directly to request approval for an API key of the role you need.

If you need further assistance from the MLS, please contact, Sue O’Brien, Member Services Administrator for the Berkshire MLS For Spark help, contact Spark support.

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Following are two links to the FlexMLS info on their WordPress Plug Ins and Pricing structure.  This product is administered by Flex and payment is made directly to them.

Plug Ins –

Pricing –

If you have further questions you can contact the IDX department at Flex for assistance.  Their phone number is: 800-437-4232 ext. 108 or you can reach them by email,


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Spark Store



The Spark Store is available to over 250,000 brokers and agents in 120 MLS organizations, providing software developers simplified sales and marketing to one of the largest real estate software markets in the world.

On at least a monthly basis, the Store pays developers 70% of the revenue from sale of their products through the Store, net of credit card transaction fees (approximately 3%). The 30% retained by the Store will be shared between the MLS and FBS, providing the MLS with a source of non-dues revenue.

Agents and brokers who purchase Spark applications can review and rate them to allow the best applications to gain more attention. Searching for applications is aided by sorting and popular categories. Application purchases are streamlined to just a few clicks and allow the developer to use a wide variety of pricing options. The Store handles all the credit card transaction processing, including subscription renewals, through the PCI-compliant Braintree payment processing service. The Store provides detailed sales reports to the Developer, including details regarding credit card processing attempts, renewal failures, and more.

MLS Data Use and License Policy

For more information, contact Sue O’Brien at the Board Office by phone, 413-442-8049 or Email,

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