MLS Announcements

Flexmls Gems: Portrait Oriented Photos On The List Tab

Say goodbye to stretched photos! When viewing listings in Flexmls Web, the thumbnail photo will support portrait orientation, so there will be less distortion when viewing photos on the list tab. When Will it Change This update is available now. What Will Change If a listing has a primary photo that is portrait orientation, the

Flexmls Enhancement: Improvements for Sending Manual E-Mails

Starting April 5th on Flexmls Web, choosing whether you’d like to e-mail listings via Flexmls or by using your own e-mail application (like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) will be more user-friendly and intuitive. Additionally, when viewing My Sent E-mails, it will be easier to identify if an e-mail was sent via Flexmls or by using another

zipLogix Forms Update

Changes to functionality in zipLogix have been made to the Berkshire Lead Paint Property Transfer form and to our Purchase and Sale Agreement.  We have made a change on the lead paint form to include the property address below the signature line on the last page of the document.  This address populates from the cover

New Setting to Control Reverse Prospecting

On March 22nd, you will be able to control whether Reverse Prospecting is enabled by default when adding new contacts. The default is controlled by a new setting under General Preferences and can save you time, so you don’t have to manually check (or uncheck) the Reverse Prospecting box after adding a contact. Reverse Prospecting

Flexmls Quick Tip: Opening Multiple Tabs

Did you know, if you’re in the midst of adding a new listing, doing a search, reviewing the hotsheet, etc. and need to look up something else (i.e., get a call from a perspective buyer and want to look up a listing), you can do that without closing out the process you’re in the middle

Introduction to Flexmls, zipLogix and RPR

This class will bring you the basics of three major tools of the trade: Flexmls – we’ll discuss setting up your profile, managing the hotsheet, basic search functions, contact management and auto emails / portal. zipLogix – we’ll talk about the primary functionality of this e-signature program, how to start a transaction, add forms and

Learn & Earn: Using RPR For Buyers< 10 minutes!

Realtors = learners!  Today, our quick learning feature is using RPR when working with buyer clients.  View Guide (pdf)  and in less than minutes learn about researching neighborhoods and schools, customizing your search and taking advantage of mobile RPR data in the field.  Don’t let Zillow be the expert, use the tools at your disposal to tell the real story!

Working With Buyers – Research Neighborhoods & Schools from Realtors Property Resource® on Vimeo.

Working With Buyers – Customize Your Searches from Realtors Property Resource® on Vimeo.

Working With Buyers – RPR App: Information at Your Fingertips from Realtors Property Resource® on Vimeo.


Research Neighborhoods & Schools: Easily integrate your client’s lifestyle preferences into a home and school search.
Customize Your Searches: Dozens of filter options give you the power to analyze and manage a platform of data to the extent that no other search mechanism offers.
RPR App – Information at Your Fingertips: Instantly view properties, create maps, send reports, respond to inquiries, research FSBOs, add photos and notes … all from your iOS or Android device.