Thanks to Ashley Stolba for Legal Information

We had a wonderful legal update today with Massachusetts Association of REALTORS Associate Counsel, Ashley Stolba.  Amoung the issues discussed for Berkshire REALTORS were:

I.     Flood Legislation Status and REALTOR Disclosures:
II.    Proposed Fracked Gas Pipeline | Windmills in Berkshire County
III.   Medical Marijuana, Rental  and Dispensery Issues
IV.   Escrow Accounts, proper accounting
V.     Douglas v. Visser: Court Finds for “Reprehensible” Sellers
VI.   Crumpton v. Grissom: Broker Accountable for Affiliate Broker Negligence
VII.  Other Frequent Questions on the Legal Hotline

Attached please refer to the handouts for more on each subject: Legal_Luncheon2014  The links provided in the overhead are coming!