Mass Association of REALTORS Legal Hotline

REMINDER: The Legal Hotline is now available to ALL members!

MAR attorneys can assist members with questions about current state and federal laws and regulations, permissible business practices, and important court rulings affecting real estate professionals in Massachusetts. The Legal Hotline is intended to provide general guidance to MAR members. Information received through the Legal Hotline is not to be used to counsel other real estate licensees or the public. Members are encouraged to seek independent legal counsel to assist with specific situations.

To Access the Legal Hotline:

Members may access the Hotline by calling 1-800-370-LEGAL (5342) or by sending an e-mail to
Please note that legal resources are available to MAR members as a benefit of membership.
The hotline is open Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Legal Hotline Terms of Use:

Members using the services provided through the Legal hotline understand and agree that the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® assumes no actual or implied responsibility for any improper use of responses to questions through this service.

Members using the services of the Legal Hotline may not convey or imply to others, such as clients, customers, salespeople, or brokers, any information obtained though this service in such a manner so as to be construed as providing legal advice or in such a manner so as to be construed that the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® is conveying legal advice.

The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® will not be legally responsible for any potential misrepresentations or errors made by providing this service.

Members understand that any information provided through the legal hotline is not confidential and no attorney-client relationship is created.

Salespersons accessing the services of the Legal Hotline understand that a summary of the discussion with the MAR attorney will be shared with the Broker of Record.