Quick Tech Tips to Help Your Business

Sue and I learned a ton of new things at Agent Reboot that can help your real estate business.  While we are busy translating our notes for a notice next week, here are a few simple tasks this week that can help improve your social and online presence:

Check your listing on Yelp!  

  • Why is this so important?  Well, we heard about the power of yelp yesterday, because of that little lady named Siri… you know the iphone helper that phone users ask questions to?  If you ask her to find a real estate agent, she searches YELP not google. Who knew?  Now you do… best get your Yelp listing (free), updated and looking good!  https://biz.yelp.com/

Check out Your Website On Mobile

  • Why?  89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine throughout their research and 68% use mobile apps. Your website will only capture the majority of visitors if they can view and interact with it easily. Do you know with 100% certainty how your website looks on all types of mobile devises? Check out this website that allows you to view your web design on mobile.  Type in your website address, hit go and see your site scaled to many different dimensions, or on actual sized devises such as iphone or mini ipad.  Nice, free tool!    http://www.studiopress.com/responsive/

Try the Facebook 555

  • Facebook is all about engagement – actual interest in your network and staying connected and at the top of their mind if they happen to think “REAL ESTATE” is key.  There was a great quote that “Everyone knows Lisa sells real estate, but no one hates knowing it.”  Meaning – she is engaged and known to be a REALTOR to all of her network from her posts and interaction, but is not exclusively posting open houses or listings to everyone that might alienate non-house hunters.  Don’t make your friends block you on facebook because you “sell” all the time.  Use Lisa as a great example, she engages in discussions, congratulates accomplishments, asks home related questions, shares tips that everyone can use.  So consider the 5-5-5 rule. (or the 2-2-2 rule if your network is smaller)  Every morning when you check Facebook, take your 10 minutes (that’s all you need most days!) and private message or write on 5 friend’s walls, like 5 things, and comment on 5 things.  Add a post of your own, and you’re ahead of the game.  Day 1, you’ve reached out to 15 people – by the end of a month it could be 450!  Make sure you really care about those posts, find humor, human connection and your friends will really care about you too.