That’s Who We R

That’s Who We R, you’ve probably seen this new marketing on the TV already.  What’s it all about?  That’s Who We R educates consumers on the difference between real estate licensees and REALTORS, and has become a call to action to work with a REALTOR, who abides by the Code of Ethics.  As a REALTOR, you can leverage this same campaign in your business too.

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R Stories

We all have a story to tell and the National Association wants to hear from you!  The That’s Who We R campaign shines a spotlight on REALTORS, and “R Stories” gives you one more way to get involved.  What to do:

  • Submit your story
  • Read the other stories submitted
  • Share your favorites on social media

Some stories will be featured on That’ and on social media.  Each month the prompt will change, allowing you to submit multiple stories.  This month’s the question is:  As real estate professionals, we have so much to be thankful for.  Please share some of the things for which you are most thankful.