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Get Quick and Targeted Results with the Radius Search

We all love being able to find properties that match our criteria quickly, with results that are relevant, and a radius search allows you to do just that. Want to find listings within a specified distance from a location on the map? Use a radius search! For example, is your client trying to find a home within 2 miles of their office? Or a daycare? Or the community pool? Start with a radius search! You can also exclude listings within a certain radius. If noise from the local airport is a concern, use the radius tool to exclude any listings within 3 miles of the airport. You’ll look like a rock star to your client.  Multiple radius searching options are available in Flexmls. You can begin a radius search from the Quick Launch, from the Quick Search Map tab, or from the MLS # Search page. Check out all the resources below to walk through how to create a radius search. Happy Searching!

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