CRS Tax Data Implementation – Performing a Simple Search

Your first step for locating property information or a listing of properties is to perform a simple search for listings that match your chosen criteria. First, choose one or more counties to search. Just select the box shown below and choose from the dropdown list that appears. You can even begin typing a county name to narrow down the list you see (note: in Berkshire you will automatically default to Berkshire County):


You can search by name, address, subdivision, parcel id or MLS#. Enter your search criteria in the search box and if you see options pop up while you’re typing, feel free to choose the correct one. However, we find it’s usually best to perform your initial search using broad terms because that reduces the chance of accidentally filtering out necessary properties:


Now you’re ready to enter your search criteria in the search box. After you enter 2 characters, an auto-complete list will appear with any matches. The auto-complete list is grouped by the fields searched (Owner’s name, Street Address, Subdivision, Parcel ID, or MLS# depending on data availability). Each field group will display up to 7 matches sorted in alphabetic order. To only see matches for one of the fields, select the View More text to the right of the field name.


The auto-complete list will change to show the first 20 matches sorted in alphabetic order. If needed, you can easily return back to the grouped auto-complete list by selecting the Return to Full Options text.

To see results, you can either (1) select a value from the auto-complete list or (2) select the Submit button to continue to the results page.

Once you’ve clicked submit, you’ll be taken to a new page that shows you all the properties that fit your criteria. Feel free to read our Search Results help document for detailed information about what you’ll see on your results page.

When you select the Submit button without first selecting the View More text for a specific field group, then your results page will include all properties matching your search criteria in the Owner’s name, Street Address, Subdivision, Parcel ID, or MLS# fields (depending on the county(ies) data availability).

Using a Wildcard
When you don’t and/or are uncertain of the spelling owner’s names, street address or subdivision you can use the % as a wildcard to help find the property you need. To begin a wild card search enter a % sign. The wild card searches for combinations or variations of your criteria. For example, if you are looking for a subdivision with lake in the name then you conduct a wild card search to generate a list of subdivision with the combination of letter “lake”. The dropdown list will contain the top 20 results.


Watch the video tutorial: