CRS Tax Data – Performing the Advanced Search

In a previous REcap we reviewed how to perform a simple search.  Today, we’ll review how to perform the advanced search.


Our advanced search gives you the power to search by multiple criteria for creating a very focused list of properties. For example, you might pull up all residential properties in a specific zip code, that have sold in the last year, and are valued between $200,000 and $300,000.

To access the Advanced Search, select the yellow button that reads “Advanced Search and Map Search” located below the simple search box.



On the Advanced Search page, if you previously saved search criteria or a list of results, you can select either the criteria to populate on the search page or the results list to open from one of the drop-down lists.




You can enter one or more counties to start a new search. When searching by county, select the box on the left to see a list of available counties. You can also begin typing a county name to refine the list.




After selecting the county or counties, use any or all of the sections below to set your search criteria. Each section has a Submit button to save you from scrolling unnecessarily. You can select any Submit button once you have entered your search criteria regardless of the section it is entered.

Search by Map

Use the map to select an area to search.


Search by Location

Use a variety of location criteria to filter your results including entering multiple subdivision and/or street names. Your searching capabilities depends on the public tax records availability from the county or counties selected above. This information can be different from each county. (Some filters allow multiple criteria to be entered)



Search by Property Value

Searching by property value provides an opportunity to research properties that sold and/or transferred through non-MLS and MLS system. Enter prices, values, or even dates of previous sales. You can search for sales prices over $200,000 between 4.02.2020 thru 4.2.2022 by entering 200,000 in the left box under Last Sale Price and leaving the right box empty then selecting calendar’s next to Date of Last Sale to enter a range. The same principle applies to Date of Last Sale to find any property last sold after a specific date.


Search by Property Characteristics

Search by property characteristics allows you to select specific properties (commercial or residential) or narrow down your results list. The county assessor determines the property types, improvement, and/or land use. Also look for square footage, acreage, and year built. Searching for number of stories, bathrooms, and bedrooms is handy. Just like the values above, entering a number in the box on the left and leaving the box on the right empty will show you all properties over that initial value. In the screenshot below, we’ll see all residential properties, single family (improvement type) that have two or more bathrooms and three or more bedrooms.


Owner Profile

Provides multiple ways to generate a list of properties from owner occupied to absentee owners that reside in a different state then where a specific property is located, and/or previous owner.



MLS Listing Status

Here is another location where CRS Data is integrated with the MLS System and gives user’s another way to search their MLS system through advanced search.



For example, you might generate a list that includes all residential properties in a specific county(ies) with 3 plus bedrooms and 2 plus bathrooms currently for sale in the MLS system.  You can use other advanced search page fields to narrow your results.