2011 Good Neighbor Award Recipient, Deane Christopolis

In our community, Deane is the Habitat ReStore contact for the REALTORS, and well known and respected throughout our industry. Deane has always been a big advocate of Habitat, but today you’ll also find Realtors peppering Deane with questions about ReStore, scheduling pickups and talking about inventory.

It’s amazing to look back and realize that one conversation Deane had with a fellow Habitat volunteer, John Pariseau led the Berkshire ReStore. It’s an incredible gift to our community. Deane, John, Deane’s wife Anne, Ann Miller, Susan Gordan and Habitat Exectuive Director Carolyn Valli then sat down and talked about the idea’s viability. They traveled to other ReStores [ Springfield, Boston, Plymouth, Albany NY] to learn about the functionality, how they worked, how they manage inventory, pickups and pricing. They developed the business plan, which in simplest terms was: everything is donated, everything is done by volunteers and the only expense will be lease space and utilities of the site. They fixed up the site, handled the marketing and launched ReStore.

While the $150,000 in profits is incredible, the 110 tons saved from the landfill admirable, there is a hidden recipient of this good work – there are so many homeowners who have been given a way to maintain and improve their home in these tough economic times. Contractors are also facing huge economic downturns, and now have a place to get tools and equipment at far, far below retail price. This resource makes an immeasurable difference in our community and the lives of those who live and work here.

But Deane’s work on the development of this incredible resource is just half the story. You can find Deane scheduling pickups of materials, physically hauling tons of goods and equipment out of basements, sheds and garages 2-3 days per week. Other times, he can be found rotating inventory for sale at the ReStore, or working to expand the space by another 3,000 square feet (have 7,000) and adding a furniture room. When our monthly board meeting comes to a close [Deane is an elected director on the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS], you can usually find Deane fielding questions like, “Do you take paint, if it’s almost a full gallon?”, Do you have any decent floor tiles in stock?” And, “I have an old saw, but it weighs 80 lbs and is in a basement without a bulk head – can you pick it up?”

  • Constant promoter of Habitat and ReStore.
  • Volunteers 2-3 days a week for Habitat ReStore
  • Mentors Habitat Future Homeowners and donates his sweat equity time
  • Works to secure sites and buildings and Participates in fundraising projects
  • Serves on the Board of Directors of Habitat and ReStore
  • Serves on the Strategic Planning and Neighborhood Revitalization Task Force.
  • Travels for Habitat Disaster Relief Building Groups [ New Orleans, Nicaragua]

He is a dedicated volunteer that really makes a difference in our community, our environment, and in the housing industry. We are very proud to name Deane Christopolis our Berkshire County 2011 Good Neighbor Award Reciupient. . He has earned such respect and admiration from the REALTORS and makes our world a better place!

How can you help?

Shop at the ReStore and Support Habitat

The ReStore offers home improvement and building products for sale to the general public, contractors, and anyone who needs them.

The ReStore is located 70 Jefferson Place in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Donate Building or Remodeling Supplies

The ReStore accepts home improvement and building products. Before you call, take a moment to check their website for items they currently accept.