Awards & Recognition

The Berkshire County Board of REALTORS® is proud to recognize many worthy members, organizations and citizens of Berkshire County for outstanding service to our association and our community. Some of the most important achievements are made through the efforts of normally unsung heroes and in this, we are honored to show overdue recognition of their good work.

In addition to offering our thanks and appreciation to various individuals throughout the year, we also annually select a few very deserving REALTORS® for Berkshire County Board of REALTORS® Awards.


Hip-Hip-Horray – REALTORS Honored

Berkshire Chamber of Commerce’s Surprise Patrol


Thanks to the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce’s Surprise Patrol!! They honored the Berkshire County Board of Realtors with a lovely flower arrangement and congratulatory balloon as a thank you for our commitment to the Chamber. Honorees are randomly selected by our Surprise Patrol each month for special recognition. Hip-Hip-Horray!!

Picutred Here: Chamber Representatives and Realtors: Susan Seely, Cheryl Westall, Carlyne Mills, Sandy Carroll, Sue O’Brien, Barbara Osborne, Sue Baum, Mary White, George Jarck, Andy Perenick, Mark McIlquham and David Sefcik.