REALTOR® Safety Network Alerts

The National Association of REALTORS® is committed to your safety, and has developed a REALTOR® Safety Network to help.  NAR will deploy REALTOR® Safety Alerts via their social media pages when a physical or cyber-threat to REALTORS® warrants national attention. For example:

  • A pattern of assaults against REALTORS® has been reported.
  • A REALTOR® or the immediate family member of a REALTOR® goes missing.
  • NAR learns that the association name or the names of its programs are being used fraudulently to attempt to collect money or information from REALTORS® or others.

For incidents that don’t meet the criteria for a national alert, the REALTOR® Safety Team will ensure the local association is informed, if you haven’t already contacted us.

Please use this form to notify NAR of a safety-related issue. A response team will evaluate the submission to confirm it meets the criteria for a REALTOR® Safety Alert.  Note:  Please contact 9-1-1 to notify law enforcement of a live emergency.