Flex MLS software

Flexmls SOS Button: Help With This Page

We understand that there’s a lot to learn with any MLS system. Knowing where to go to find answers when questions pop up isn’t always clear. In Flexmls, there are many opportunities for education, from the Flexmls Academy to Guided Help but one resource you might not know about is Help With This Page, otherwise known as contextual help.

No matter what page you’re on, if you find yourself stuck, Help With This Page is a dynamic button that knows where you are in the system and will give you specific help information about the page you are on. If you are on the Saved Searches page and have a question, simply navigate to the Help Menu > Help with this page to get additional information on Saved Searches.

This is a great resource if you find yourself stuck with a question while working on something! Help With This Page allows you to get answers to your questions without navigating out of Flexmls. Check it out in more detail with the recording training below.

  • Recorded Training

Help Options (7:55)