Brokers Did you Hear? Ziplogix Broker Version Available

There is a broker version of zipTMS™ that includes document transaction approval, compliance for the transaction history, complete agent oversight, company-wide templates with checklists and the new Broker Dashboard. The Broker Dashboard comes equipped with a collection of advanced widgets that empower users by allowing brokers to view and analyze metrics for an entire brokerage. Features include monthly transaction charts; recent transaction status and approval activity; weekly transaction activity; weekly tasks and transaction dates; quarterly performance snapshot; account information; property and transaction type; listing map and transaction values.  There is no cost to have a member account and broker account prices are as follow are: 2-10 agents $150/ year and 11-250 agents $250/year.

Learn more about the zipTMS™ Broker version on our website and check out the new training video on our YouTube channel, or call Wendy Waldrep at (866) 693-6767.