Flex MLS software

You Have the Perfect Listing. Who’s the Perfect Buyer?

There’s a lock for every key. Help your listing find its perfect match! With Reverse Prospecting, you can increase your listing’s exposure by alerting other agents in your MLS if they have a contact with a saved search that matches one of your listings. Flexmls will generate an email to that agent–and you can customize the email however you like. To be eligible for reverse prospecting, a search must have been created or updated within the past year, and it must be attached to a contact in Contact Management. This is a great way to market your listings and get them seen by potential buyers!

But wait, there’s more…say you’ve found a listing, but you aren’t sure which client of yours it would be perfect for. Here, you can use the Match Contacts process to find which of your contacts would be interested in the listing according to their attached searches.

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