What the Frack?

You may have heard about the +$2.5 billion dollar Tennesee Gas Pipeline expansion that is proposed to run through Berkshire County and across much of northern Mass.  We had quite a lively discussion at the South County Member Outreach meeting yesterday, and we’ve found that in our community, Tennessee Gas has already been contacting property owners to obtain permission to enter their properties to survey.

You may have read in our local newspaper that environmental groups that are opposing this gas line expansion because it will carry fracked gas.  I have learned of property owners along the proposed path also aligning.  There is a No Fracked Gas In Mass campaign. Our state and national association have not taken a position on fracked gas, as there are vocal pros and cons on both sides of the issue.  While individuals can love (additional money and resources brought to the community) or hate (environmental and philosophical challenges) the idea of this pipeline, I have been working  to refocus our REALTOR efforts on property rights and disclosure issues related to the laying of pipeline.   

We are working to better understand the impacts on real estate sales, the limits or powers of eminent domain and private proeprty rights, and what exactly – and- when exactly Realtors need to disclose information when selling parcels along the proposed corridor.  We will work hard in the coming week to get you the information you need to adequately protect your clients and yourselves.  In the meantime, here is some reading you can do to get up to speed.

Map and project overview of Proposal:

NAR Research on Fracking

Berkshire Eagle Articles:

Special Thanks to B-Mile of the Kinderhook Group for sharing her insight into this issue as a resident that is affect and a REALTOR that is concerned.