We’ve Got the Spirit, Yes We Do… We’ve Got the Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

We sure do have the spirit!  And an exemplary example of amazing REALTOR Spirit in Berkshire County is our REALTOR Spirit Award Recipient, Peter West!  Peter has worked diligently as the MLS President, and MLS Past President for the last two years, to bring all the best benefits and policies to help our members thrive.  He is a broker-owner of Bishop West Realty with offices in Adams and Pittsfield, an educator for the Berkshires, Massachusetts and nationwide real estate agents.  Thanks to Peter we had our first, rousing music bingo fundraising event, raising thousands of dollars and establishing the Berkshire Housing Trust for emergency housing need for residents in crisis.  Music bingo is just one of many examples of Peter’s efforts to bring our REALTOR family together and to highlight the best a REALTOR has to offer to the community.  Peter serves on many committees to help guide the industry and is always there to help prep for events, sell raffle tickets, sponsors events, donates to Realtor causes, and we especially love how he promotes events and activities within his office and those he meets listing/showing homes.  He even volunteers to help clean up after events and is always willing to offer his assistance in business or personal matters. He has been a trusted broker to help when others have hit hard times or have questions about best practices.  Peter talks with passion about the real estate industry and is committed to bringing our industry to a higher level of professionalism.

The 2021 Awards Selection Committee: Eric Steuernagle, Chair; Courtney Dupont, Franz Forster, Barbara Osborne, Mary Jo Piretti Miller and Mark Harris are happy to present the 2021 REALTOR Spirit Award to Peter West!

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