Weird License Questions

We have been fielding many license questions this week… here are a couple of quick Q&A’s.

Residency?  Several members have asked if there is any residency requirement to hold a Massachusetts Real Estate License. Nope! You can live anywhere, but there is a requirement that you update your address with the Board of Licensure promptly.  You can amend a license online in the ePlace portal as well.

Tickle Down License? Can an agent work in a state they are not licensed in as long as their broker is licensed there? Nope. The license isn’t a tickle down license – in order to practice real estate – or generate commission for your work in real estate – you need to hold a license to practice in that state AND you must hang your license with a broker licensed in that state to receive commission! No license, no worky, no paycheck.

Time Lag?  You need to take your education so that you can certify “under the pains and penalties of perjury” that you have 12 credits since your last renewal. We know that it can take a bit of time between renewal and issuance of a new license. That’s ok!  If you’re still taking your CE, just make sure you finish up and renew before your expiration date, and make sure your license info is updated in the license search to confirm it went through fine, then you are good to go. That search should be updated quickly and is our source for a valid license.  Your actual license will eventually get there to you in the mail!

Wondering why it’s taking so long?  The Board of Registration currently reports it is receiving more than 400 application WEEKLY. (buckle up for that fun, folks!) These applicants now go through CORI checks before even sitting for the test… and waiting a while to do that. So the machine is running slowwwwly lately. If you need assistance, we are trying to use our contacts when we can to assist, but we do ask that you try your very best to take care of your license renewal promptly to avoid any hassles!