Wear your REALTOR® pin with pride.

As NAR launches the new ads for 2020, you can see they really capture who REALTORS® are, and the authentic relationships you have with your clients and communities. They show consumers the REALTOR® difference in action, by focusing on the real partnership and human moments along the journey to property ownership.  Coming up, you will see bold visuals and hear alliterations that bring the iconic “R” to life. Messaging asks consumers if their agent is a REALTOR® — and assures that for reliable guidance throughout the real estate process,  “Look for the R.”  View the ads: www.nar.realtor/thats-who-we-r

In addition to TV commercials are new radio and digital audio spots, paid social ads, as well as new campaign materials to leverage in your local market. Visit www.ThatsWhoWeR.realtor to find downloadable social posts, digital banners, print ads, and links to campaign merchandise. For easy personalization and immediate social sharing in a few taps, download the new Photofy app with preloaded campaign materials at photofy.com/nar.

If you are anxious to see the spots on television, here are some programs so you can tune in!

  • CBS Syndication: Family Feud (2/8 @ 6-7P Washington DC and Chicago Local Times)
  • NBCU Syndication: The Kelly Clarkson Show (2/3, 2/6, & 2/7 @ 2-3P Washington DC and Chicago Local Times)
  • WB Syndication: Ellen (2/4 @ 4-5P Washington DC and Chicago Local Times)
  • Discovery Channel: Gold Rush (2/7 @ 8-9P)
  • HGTV: My Lottery Dream Home (2/7 @ 8-9P)
  • HGTV: Property Brothers: Forever Home Palm Beach (2/7 @ 9-10P)
  • TLC: 90 Day Fiancé (2/9 @ 8P)

This campaign and its “Look for the R” message to consumers becomes more powerful when you associate yourself with the REALTOR® brand. Wear your REALTOR® pin with pride, and incorporate the REALTOR® logo into your promotional materials. That way, when potential clients are “looking for the R,” they will look to you!

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