We need you for ‘Battle of the Bartenders’

Your REACT committee is again looking for volunteers to sling some drinks at the Battle of the Bartenders for Central/South (north slots are filled! Bartenders use their network to get friends to attend (and tip!) during their 1 hr shift, which are given to a Berkshire non-profit.  It’s a friendly competition between bartending teams.  Want to help, but not be on the front lines?  We have plenty of ways to help:  (1) Come!  Please attend, order your favorite beverage and tip your favorite bartending team(s)! (2) donate a raffle item (3) Help with setup/clean up (4) help at event selling raffles.

Contact Sue Sue@BerkshireRealtors.org to see what slots are open, if you’re interested in helping.  Thanks so much!