Using Floor Plans in Your Listings with FlōPlan

An Important Visual Aid

A floor plan is an excellent visual aid to support written descriptions in your listing or marketing materials. You can use your floor plan as a reference when describing the layout and flow of the property making it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space.

Make It Easily Accessible

Ensure that the 2D floor plan is easily accessible to potential buyers. Link directly to your listings straight from the FlōPlan app or include it as an image or PDF attachment on your own listing website, real estate portals, and social media platforms. You can also print physical copies and make them available during property viewings or open houses. The easier it is for interested buyers to access the floor plan, the more informed their decision-making process will be.

While a 2D floor plan may be simple, it provides an important clear visual representation of the property’s layout and helps potential buyers understand the space more effectively.

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