Update your Documents!

Did you know, if you have packages/templates/saved libraries in your electronic platform (zipLogix, Remine, docusign, Dotloop) you must proactively update those whenever a contract change is made?  Our contracts and forms committee meets to review contracts for changes and suggestions brought before them by the membership or attorneys in the Berkshires.  When changes are made, you will find a notification in this REcap or the broker of record will learn of those at DR meetings.  When this happens, you must go into your packages/templates/saved libraries to update outdated contracts.

In the Remine example below, the wrench shows that a form has been customized, and the refresh button indicates that the form is outdated:


And, the zipLogix example indicates that the form has been disabled:

You will find similar notifications in other programs, as well.  Sometimes, these changes are made to correct functionality issues and until the form is updated, the function will not be corrected.  Please take the time when you are preparing a transaction, or a few minutes when you can, to go through your packages/templates/saved libraries to update any old forms!