Update to Listing Carts – New Terminology

On August 20, flexmls will make two changes to the Listing Cart feature in flexmls and Customer Portals. The first change will be renaming Listing Carts to Listing Collections. The second change is an update to the terminology and icons used to categorize Listing Collections in the Customer Portal.
New Terminology – Listing Collections
The terminology for Listing Carts is changing; they will now be called Listing Collections. This change is in response to usability testing where some users were hesitant to add listings to a cart because they felt that the term “cart” indicated they would be buying the listing, not just categorizing it. Despite the system-wide name change, the functionality will remain the same. You can still add listings to Listing Collections, view Saved Listing Collections, and Remove Listing Collections.

Listing Collections save specific selected listings, not search criteria. From any search results screen, you can create a new collection or add listings to an existing collection by selecting specific listings, clicking Save, then click Save Selected As. Listings in a collection will remain in the collection until you manually remove them from the collection or remove the collection itself.


To view all of your Listing Collections, select Listing Collections under the Search tab. To view the listings within a specific collection, select the collection, then click the View the contents of this collection link. To remove a Listing Collection, select Listing Collections under the Search tab, click on the collection you want to remove, and then click the Remove button.

Listing Collections within the Portal
The section of the Portal previously labeled Carts is now labeled Collections. Additionally, labels for the standard collections have changed. Instead of carts labeled Favorites, Possibilities, and Rejects; Portal users will see collections labeled Favorites, Likes, and No Interest. When the label change takes place, it will not affect listings already in your clients’ portals—only the labels will change, not the content.

In addition to the label change, the rating icons within the portal are also changing. Instead of clicking smiley face emoticons to rate listings, portal users will now use heart, thumbs up, and thumbs down icons to rate listings.

Clicking the heart will mark the listing as a favorite and place it in the Favorites Collection; clicking the thumbs up places the listing in the Liked Collection; and clicking the thumbs down places the listing in the No Interest Collection.