Understanding Flood Zones in Real Estate – Continuing Education

Friday, June 14th 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. – via Zoom

We’re pleased to offer an additional CE class in June!

Join our instructor, Joy Dupreault, State NFIP Coordinator in conjunction with Sandy Carroll, as they present to us the Understanding Flood Zones in Real Estate CE program.

Course Objective:
To familiarize real estate licensees with the National Flood Insurance Program as it relates to real estate transactions, including understanding of the following knowledge blocks: FEMA flood maps, history of the NFIP, NFIP lender regulations, insurance requirements and implications, mitigation actions that may affect an owner’s flood insurance premium, other resources for flood risk information.

The Board of Registration requires that all attendees must be on camera for the duration of the program and participate in any polls or other online questions that are presented by the instructor.  We cannot offer credit to attendees on a shared device.  All attendees must log in on their own device, under their own name (ensure that the name displaying under your image is your name … not a child’s, partners, etc.)  Cancellation policy:  Attendees must notify staff at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of a program to receive a refund of any fees paid or to avoid a non-attendance fee.

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