Train NYC to the Berkshires by 2020!

The MA Senate just allocated $100,000 to prepare for train service from NYC to the Berkshires by 2020! Our State Senator Adam G. Hinds announced that his amendments to the 2019 budget was adopted to continue the efforts of the Berkshire FLYER Working Group to ensure a pilot service launches no later than 2020, connecting New York City to the Berkshires via a one-seat train ride. When we sat in Senator Adam Hind’s office a couple of years ago with Eddie Sporn, we were so hopeful that a different route could breathe new life into this project. Adam was so passionate about it and so gracious to give Berkshire Realtors a seat at the planning table. Thanks to our own Government Affairs Chair Billy Keane for stepping into this awesome role. Also thanks to those that have keep working with the Senator to make this happen, including Sandy Carroll and Realtors Steve Ray (SPC), Franz Forster, and Churchward Davis.  Can’t wait to buy tickets!!