Top Five Things You Should Know About the New RPR Homepage

A cleaner look and feel. Improved search filters and results. Customizable “My Market” areas. And “how-to” shortcuts that guide you through RPR’s most essential tools.

These are just a few of the powerful new tools and features you’ll find on the refreshed RPR website. To get started, check out the biggest changes to the homepage listed below. Then, log in to RPR to see the new site in action.

  1. New “Pathways”: Redesigned “global” navigation connects the dots on research, marketing, reports, the help center and saved work.
  2. New “Shortcuts”: Guided tours from start to finish on the most common RPR tasks.
  3. New “My Markets”: Easy access to your markets, listings, saved and recent properties.
  4. New Map Toolbar: Quick access to the new freehand drawing tool plus 3D views of mountain/canyon elevations, and the ability to search by 10 different data layers.
  5. New Search Fields: Advanced search filters (distressed, land use, occupancy, owner name) offer a direct path to clearly defined results.

Ready to get to work? Log in to RPR now and take the Homepage Tour.