Three Awesome Tech Tips

As we wrestle with technology, there were a few good tips that we discovered that we wanted to share.

1) Battery Booster:  As we were sitting in our Investment Committee meeting, skyping with Stephen Schoenfeld, our laptop applied a dang windows update and rebooted.  MLS Treasurer Mary Jane White whipped out her trusty iPhone to contact Stephen via FaceTime (don’t you love our Techie Treasurers!) while we were rebooting, and she mentioned her Mophie case… Did you know that you can buy a cell phone case that is more than just a protective armor for your phone, but also can double your battery life and add phone memory?  Any real estate agent who is on the go all day and would love some extra juice should check out a slimline cell phone cover that can add valuable time to your cell phone charge… Mary Jane uses, but there are many brands you can check out that do a similar thing…   Google “cell phone case with extra battery”.

2) Graphic Creations: Making decent graphics for your website, facebook page or presentations can be a challenge – especially with the copyright protections on so many online images.  We stumbled upon Canva… a user friendly online platform that is SO effective in creating easy, appealing graphics for use on our website, facebook page and print materials. (the headline graphic for this post was created in under 1 minute using online, free of charge).   The variety of layout options allows you to create an image from scratch using their images or you can use and modify pre-made layouts. So fast, so easy, so beautiful.  And free.  We love that!

3) Time Waster:  Sure, we all think technology is supposed to be a time saver, but it’s also a big time waster. (facebook anyone?  When you have some spare time and need a little fun, we share with the pet lovers of our group the MyTalkingPet app.  See it in action –  A message from Sue’s kitty with an update on her).  Upload a picture of your favorite animal, record a voice over, modify the timber of the voice and yes, you can make a pretty hysterical pet video.  Cat posts just got fun.  Your welcome.  And for those that aren’t into the pet thing and can’t imagine thrilling a pet-loving friend with this, you might want to consider the zen time waster (available on both Andriod and iphone)… the bubble wrap popper app.  Oh yes they did…