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You asked, we responded – over 1,000 times!

Staff launched a new database system that makes tracking things a bit easier… while we are still getting used to it, we thought you might appreciate a birds eye view of what we recorded in July:  Staff fielded over 1,000 calls / emails of inquiry (breakdown of calls by topic below – though not all were recorded).

In MLS, there were $1,080 in fines issued (one biggie) for the following reasons: 5 Exclusive Rights to Sell contracts not uploaded/late, 2 late entries into the MLS and 1 VERY late entry. This month, there was only 1 failure to report a pending or sale in a timely manner (that we could act on!). There were many things we handle that do not result in a fine, but need to be fixed:  Out of the 442 new listings Linda processed this month, 76 start dates were entered incorrectly, 10 listing contracts had missing information, 4 prices were entered incorrectly, 13 listings were not mapped.  Only one day in July did she report that there were NO issues with listings entered.  We also had 9 listings entered and immediately marked pending, 8 of which were removed since no cooperation to other MLS brokers was offered.

Given that fines are progressive, 1 member will have to have fines assessed at a meeting before the MLS Board with both the agent and Participant.  We brought 3 member issues to the MLS board for reconsideration.  We have one ethics complaint that is moving forward to our first ever VIRTUAL Professional Standards tribunal, alleging a violation of Article 1 and 2 (honesty and failure to disclose).  We had one unsuccessful attempt at Ombudsman to resolve a dispute and one hopeful Ombudman with a neighboring Board in progress.

We created 25 informational articles for our REcap this month, with a read-rate of 43.9% which resulted in 1,209 opens and 244 clicks.  We shared 13 Facebook posts, generating 2,234 views and 641 engagements, with the largest impact from our promotion of our member’s C2EX endorsements.

The most common complaint we are asked to “fix” is agents sharing their listings on Facebook / Instagram without the name of their brokerage (subject to licensure discipline). We have also had complaints about disparaging remarks on social media when Realtors may get frustrated and “vent” about other business practices. Our Board of Directors wanted to lead on this issue so they just adopted a social media policy that the staff and leadership must follow. We were notified about 25 times when signs were installed to make sure the 24 hours “clock” started for entry into the MLS. Staff audited 14 brokerage websites for compliance with IDX rules of display of the listing brokerage’s name and the MLS agreed to form a committee to work on this on a rolling basis.

We have fielded calls from agents forgetting to cancel/change appointments, making others CRAZY to be wasting so much valuable time. Or nonchalantly showing up late. Last but hardly least, we still have complaints about cooperating agents giving listing agents a hard time about wearing masks and/or gloves/booties inside a seller’s home that requires it. #WearTheMask.  Other posts are being created to address things that could use a little more explanation.  But overall, please try to do as our code says – practice the golden rule – Do unto others as you would have done to you.  And, if you can communicate while being kind and using some humor, levity and patience you will have an amazing August.  “See” you then!

Staff Communication July 2020
General Issues / Question 369
Billing / Payment Issues 301
How Do I… 99
Membership / Licensure 53
Complaints 42
Education & Events 32
Legal / Contract Issue 28
Volunteer Interaction 28
MLS Policy or Procedure 27
Other (Other Assns, Vendors, etc..) 24
Industry Issue 19
Fine Issue 18
zipForms, RPR, Homesnap 17
Legislative / Governmental 12
Reciprocal Listings 9
Brokerage Issue 8
RETS/Data/Syndication 6
Grand Total 1092