The Dashboard: Your New Favorite Time-Saving Tool

In 3 minutes, [Dashboard Video] you can get in and out of Flexmls with as few clicks as possible by customizing your dashboard. A lot of members are using an old and outdated main screen – we suggest updating your dashboard! The dashboard is the first page you land on when logging in to Flexmls, and it provides easy access to functions you use the most. It consists of several panels, or gadgets, containing information you need to make it an efficient starting point for your work. Drag and drop gadgets on your dashboard to customize it, and easily access saved search templates, hot sheet reports, market statistics, contacts or anything else you decide is needed to do your job quickly! You can also create multiple dashboards for your different workflows. Lastly, you have access to an MLS dashboard that keeps you up to date on your latest MLS news. This dashboard is not customizable and is controlled by your MLS. Explore some of the resources linked below to learn more!

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