The Case for Staging Small, Moderatly-priced Homes

By Dawn Trachtenberg of Staged Ryte

If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, you see beautiful interiors and amazing “before and afters” of luxury homes. We love doing that work! Recently we staged a “million-dollar listing” after it had been taken off the market. Once it was relisted, showings DOUBLED and now that estate is under contract. But we’re here to make the case for staging smaller homes and condos!

Realtors often ask us, “Should my client stage their small, moderately-priced home?” Yes! Yes, they should stage because it will make a significant difference, especially in the slower 2023 market.

Here’s What We Experienced Last Year

Staged Ryte staged two homes in 2022 priced at or below $400,000. And they were relatively small. In both cases, the realtor told the home owners that he could sell their homes for one price if they didn’t stage, and he could sell for a greater price when staged. Both owners agreed to staging (who doesn’t want more money?).

  • Moderate Home 1 was a complete renovation. We came in and fully staged the home…and it received multiple offers over asking in the first week and sold over asking. This was one of those homes where we stage…and then come back in short order to un-stage. We love when this happens and don’t mind one little bit.







  • Moderate Home 2 was an older lake cottage. We styled the home and it received an offer in the first week. The home owners ultimately decided to take the property off the market and keep the home.

These homes showed more because people saw the potential lifestyle they would have and not just the empty rooms or the owner’s furniture and decor. Who doesn’t desire a place where we can see ourselves living our best life? And the statistics prove this…





You’ve Seen The Statistics*

  • 91% of buyers’ agents say home staging had an effect on most or some buyers. Only 7% said it has no effect!
  • 82% of buyers’ agents say that staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.
  • 83% of agents say that [great] photos are more important than ever. Let’s face it, buyers shop online and the photos need to be eye catching or they are swiped away. Home staging creates great photos!

Statistics: Profile of Home Staging by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).Our staged homes show more, receive offers more quickly, and sell above listing no matter the price or size.

2023 Is Different

As you know, 2023 is a tougher market than the past three years. Home sales have slowed; there’s more inventory than there was just after COVID, when so many people were moving to the Berkshires, Northwestern Connecticut, and Dutchess County, NY.

Each home, no matter the price point, needs to stand out from the rest. How’s your client’s home going to inspire prospective buyers?

Perhaps you think staging a particular home is vital but you can’t convince your client that staging will make a difference; ask us to come in for a consultation and assessment. Perhaps we’ll recommend a full staging. We can also direct home-owners to make changes such as paint colors, lighting, and re-arrangement of furniture and/or adding to what they already have.

Want to understand our process from walk-through to proposal to staging? Read this blog post “How Does Home Staging Work?”

Bottom line, home staging matters for all homes at all price levels. Follow us on our socials especially Instagram @stagedryte to see our stylings and staging life.

Staged Ryte is a woman-owned boutique home staging and design firm. We create homes where buyers see themselves in the story we create – living their ideal lives. Our attention to detail and ability to understand what buyers want is unmatched. And no two spaces ever look alike because of our extensive inventory: our home staging facility in Ashley Falls, MA contains over 10,000 pieces in over 5,000 square feet (want a tour?). Our goal is to Wow! home buyers, and make home owners – and real estate agents – VERY happy with faster-than-expected sales at the best price.