Tax Population in MLS

As you are aware, the auto population function in Flexmls is not currently functioning. Board staff, FlexMLS staff along with the MLS Board have been trying to resolve the current data situation for some time. We have ceased paying our vendor for breach and the MLS Board of Directors has been researching the best solution in both efficiency and cost to bring this popular and time saving feature back to you.  Recently, they met with a new vendor to discuss options and have established talks with others.  They were also very impressed with the level of information everyone has access to right now through RPR. We are all very hopeful that a resolution that works for all will be found and implemented in the near future.

In the meantime, tax information is available to you.  You will have to go old school – but not old, old school to complete your data entry.  Meaning, you can look the info up using the RPR link in Flex but the data entry for tax info will be manual.  On the homepage of Flex, go to the Link section and click the RPR link:

You will be brought to the Realtor Property Resource (RPR) page.  You can perform your search

On the results page you can scroll down on the front page and will find tax information there.

We appreciate that the ease of auto population is a popular feature and we thank you for your continued patience while we work with Flexmls programmers and vendors to resolve this issue!