Take Care with Mapping

While we reported on the number of listings unmapped that staff follows up on, you should know that we have seen an influx of reports of wrong map locations too.  This is harmful to your seller clients, since their property will not come up on search results in the proper place (or at all) and also for potential liability issues in the case of land sales.  Doing a quick check of the pin location is an important step when entering a listing (just like spell check!). Note: Unmapped listings also will not be displayed when using your location to search for nearby listings in the Flexmls Pro app.  How?  Here’s a quick how-to:

The current location is indicated by the pushpin. To attempt to find the map location based on the listing’s address, click Re-Locate Listing. You can move the map or the listing pushpin to adjust the location for the listing. To set the location, click Use this location. To cancel, click Return to the edit listing screen.

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