Congratulations Suzann Ward – MAR Good Neighbor

We are thrilled to announce that 2014 Berkshire County Board of REALTORS Good Neighbor recipient, Suzann Ward, has been named the 2014 Massachusetts Association of REALTORS Good Neighbor at the MAR convention awards ceremony on Sunday, October 5th.  Suzann was competing with local association Good Neighbor award recipients from Massachusetts for this distinguished honor.  She is recognized for her selfless dedication and outstanding success with the Breaking Bread Kitchen and Pantry, working out of the American Legion in Sheffield.

Suzann has personally contributed in excess of 1000 hours to Breaking Bread in the past sixteen months, and has recruited others to work in excess of 6000 hours, as well.  More than 8000 individuals have benefited from her good works.  In addition to obtaining volunteers, supplies and food to keep the program going, Suzann also coordinates REALTOR night once every six weeks.

It has been said that Suzann takes special care to make sure the dinner is one full of care and compassion, and that she and the servers go out of their way to treat each person as a guest.  Breaking Bread, Suzann and her volunteers’ efforts serve a huge need to those who partake of the food and companionship.

Suzann will represent the state of Massachusetts in competion for the 2014 National Association of REALTORS Good Neighbor Award, presented at the NAR Convention in November.  If you’d like to send congratulations, or sign up for the next REALTOR night, please send Suzann an email.  Good luck in November Suzann, and thank you for your dedication to this outstanding cause!