Brief Encounters Photo of Floating Woman

Support Affordable Housing!

In a time when people are feeling the effects of unemployment, having a safe and affordable home is more vital than ever. Please consider supporting this special event hosted by the Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire in Great Barrington to help them in their goal of creating low-moderate income homes in the Berkshires.  This Virtual Film Fundraiser on Friday, October 2 at 7 pm will feature the documentary film: Brief Encounters, filmed in Pittsfield, MA. This highlights the photography of Berkshire resident, Gregory Crewdson.  Participate in a live online Q & A with Gregory Crewdson and Ben Shapiro, the film’s Producer/Director following the screening.  Click for more information or to purchase $15 tickets.

Filmed almost entirely in the Berkshires with a focus on Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters illuminates the essence of real people in our community.
An acclaimed photographer with the eye of a filmmaker, Gregory Crewdson has created some of the most gorgeously haunting pictures in the history of the medium. His meticulously composed, large-scale images are stunning narratives of small-town American life – moviescapes crystallized into a single frame.

While the photographs are staged with crews that rival many feature film productions, Crewdson takes inspiration as much from his own dreams and fantasies as the worlds of Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, Edward Hopper and Diane Arbus. Shot over a decade with unprecedented access, Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters beautifully bares the artist’s process – and it’s as mesmerizing and riveting as the images themselves.

Also, we urge all REALTOR to not only support such a good housing cause through ticket sales, but also consider a larger donation.  Supporting the can make an impact in the Southern Berkshire Affordable housing arena.  It’s important to note that Major Sponsors ($1,000+ in a calendar year) receive will receive 50% of the donation back as a credit toward MA State tax liability. If you have no tax liability, the sponsor receives a check for 50% of the donation back from the state. Donations also qualify for a taxable gift deduction.

Info email: or view their flyer below with details.

Support Affordable Housing Look at What Your Gift Can Do!
• Help Berkshire Families live in Healthy Affordable Homes
• Receive 50% back in MA State Tax CREDITS for Gifts of $1,000 or more over the course of the year.*
• Support Local Businesses with direct technical assistance
• Help Create Jobs in the Berkshires
• Receive a charitable gift tax deduction on all donations
• Become an active member of the CDCSB