Strength in Numbers: Let’s Grow Affiliates!

As we begin looking at market shifts, legislative and legal pressure, housing availability issues, environmental changes, diversity and equity work to be done – it was very clear that our strength moving forward is to grow our real estate community beyond our REALTORS, lenders and a few attorneys to be more representative of the entire real estate professional pool. There are so many talented individual and organizations that are working to help REALTORS thrive, and help REALTORS serve their clients with expertise, to expand housing opportunity… and we want them to be part of our association.  The 2022 Board created an ad hoc task force at the end of 2022 to build our affiliate membership base so that we have the people who are integral to the business benefiting from our information, working together on challenges, celebrating successes and creating a strong network.  We are looking for volunteers to help! Andy Perenick was asked to lead this effort and President Jay Nocher is excited to move this along.  Can you help? Do you have ideas? We would love your involvement! Please let Sandy Carroll know so we can include you in our brainstorming planning session that will be taking place mid-February on how best to create a win-win for all. And YES, current affiliates are welcome to serve as well!