Stop Thief! Important Call to Action to Help Prevent Copper Theft

Go look in your basement right now. See any copper? Lucky you. Some homeowners don’t see theirs any more. Protect YOUR home by contacting your Massachusetts Senator and tell them you want them to actively support this important bill: S.1916 An Act Regulating Secondary Metals Dealing.

We need your help! For far too long now we have heard from REALTORS® across the state who have observed or directly experienced the theft of copper pipe from vacant homes or other properties. A very important bill, S.1916 An Act regulating secondary metals dealing, supported by the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, is currently before the Massachusetts Senate. This bill would give new tools to law enforcement to fight scrap metal theft.

Please Respond Now: 30 Seconds Makes a Huge Difference

Please help share your concerns with your Senator. As you know, once the copper pipes and other metals are stripped from a home by thieves, the home is likely no longer eligible for conventional financing, causing the sale price to plummet. As a result, the values of homes in that neighborhood then suffer. It is time to pass legislation addressing this issue so we can cut down on metal thefts that hurt home sales and values.

This legislation would require personal information from sellers of scrap metal, including a signed statement, photocopy of their ID, and a photo and a record of the weight of the metal items received if they are valued over $250. There is broad-based support for these ideas in the legislature, but the bill has still not become law since it was first filed in 2009. Please take action now. Ask your Senator to promote this important issue.

On November 13th, the bill was reported favorable by the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure.  The bill is now before the Senate Rules and Ethics Committee (the committee that schedules matters for the full Senate). The next step in the process is to have the bill come before the entire Senate for a vote. Because next Wednesday, November 20 is the last formal session in 2013, it would need to be voted on by then or else wait until January for a vote.   PLEASE DON’T WAIT