Step up for Safety in September

The goal of the REALTOR® Safety Program is to reduce the number of safety incidents that occur in the industry, so every REALTOR® comes home safely to his or her family every night. We will accomplish this goal together with our members by improving the Safety Culture in the industry: Talk about safety; create a safety plan and follow it; and encourage your fellow REALTORS® to do the same especially during the month of September.  In honor of the importance of this awareness, you are invited to take the safety pledge individually and your office will be recognized for 100% of their agents committing to take safety seriously, plan, educate and follow the 5 action items.

You can submit your Individual REALTOR Safety Pledge online. If you are interested in receiving a profile photo to use for safety awareness month on social media, please include your photograph in the pledge form, upload it to your hub or email the photo to  For offices that achieve 100% of their agents taking the pledge, we will share a safety social media image branded with your company logo and send you a copy to use in your own marketing.  Office Safety Pledge Confirmation

Top 5 Safety Action Items for REALTORS®

  1. Plan Your Safety Strategy
  2. Tips and Best Practices
  3. Training Videos
  4. Personal Protection Resources
  5. Take the REALTOR® Safety Pledge