Step-by-Step to Adding a Comparable Listing to the MLS

We’ve seen a few attempts at adding a comparable listing to the MLS go awry, so Miss Linda has asked that we share with you a step-by-step guide to adding them correctly.  You will need to have all the required field information available to begin, and a primary photo.

  • Add the listing to the MLS, completing all required fields and adding at least the primary photo.
  • DO NOT add any required documents.
  • Hit ADD listing.  You will receive a notice that you need to upload documents – this is ok, close out of the screen.
  • SEND Linda an email ( with all of the required CLOSING information.  In the email, please indicate if you are claiming the listing side or the selling side of the transaction.  NOTE: with a comparable sale you cannot have both sides.
  • Linda will make any required adjustments to change the listing agent, if necessary, and will report your sale.

It’s important that we follow these steps so your sale does not go in as an active listing and get sent to prospective buyers and syndication sites.  If you have any questions, please contact the Board Office first!