Status of Court & Fire P&S Addendums

Thanks to MAR’s legislative staff for the research, they have shared that Justices anticipate courthouses will remain closed through June, yet they will continue to expand the number of non-emergency matters they handle virtually. Courthouses are anticipated to reopen in gradual stages starting in the summer, though most court business will still be conducted virtually.  The Housing Court, a division of the Trial Court, remains restricted by the COVID-19 Housing Bill and cannot accept fillings or schedule court events related to non-essential evictions until the sooner of 120 days after enactment (August 18) or 45 days after the end of the state of emergency.  Hope that helps clarify.

Fire inspection services may or may not be open.  We know of several towns that do not plan to reopen inspections during stage 1, where others are currently inspecting.  MAR has compiled a list of local fire department contacts and the last known status, as well as how they would prefer to receive a copy of the addendums, view that list here.   If you have a transaction where you’ve executed a Fire Permit Extension Addendum for permitting so that a home sale could close without smoke/CO permits, PLEASE make sure that it will be delivered to the local fire department within 72-hours of the agreement to comply. Confirm the closing attorney is handling this.  NOTE:  MAR is also providing the State Fire Prevention Department with Warren Group data on transactions that have closed so that local municipalities can be sure that all homes are inspected after the end of the state of emergency.