Staged Ryte Holds Open House at New 5,000 Square Foot Facility

Provided courtesy of Staged Ryte

Staged Ryte’s 5,000 square foot home staging facility premiered on Friday, October 15th with an open house for realtors, developers, and other community members. Located at 21 Business Park Road in Ashley Falls, the warehouse/showroom space/office houses 10,000 pieces of furniture and accessories. 

Staged Ryte, a woman-owned company serving the Berkshires, Western Massachusetts, Connecticut, Eastern New York State, New York City and New Jersey, sees the facility as a game changer. 

“Because we have enough furniture and accessories in stock to stage 15+ homes at a time, we have a lot to manage,” Dawn Trachtenberg said at the grand opening. “I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to remove eight sofas or multiple tables and chairs just to access the one particular piece we needed for a staging project. Now we can see everything at a glance.” The new storage facility houses: 

  • 10,000 pieces of furniture and accessories 
  • 1,000 books 
  • 500 pillows 
  • 90 dining room chairs 
  • 30 sofas 
  • 450 pieces of wall art, including over 200 original works. 



Sofas, cocktail tables, chests of drawers, and other large items needed to be organized and tucked away (as well as you can tuck away a large piece of furniture and still have it visible for easy access). The shelving structures necessary to organize all of this stock were a vital component for this project’s success. The massive shelving units are out of the former C. A. Lindell Hardware and Lumber yard in Canaan, CT. Trachtenberg figured if they could hold hundreds of pounds of wood, they could hold sofas and dressers.

Staged Ryte owns all their own stock: no additional furniture rental costs are passed on to clients. “We believe that every home tells a story – and you need to tell that story to the right buyer. Our attention to detail and ability to understand what buyers want is unmatched. Every home we stage is unique.”  

If you’d like a tour, contact Dawn Trachtenberg at 917.543.4590, via or directly at