So much fake email, so little time.

We are getting bombed with fake, fraudulent and spammy links to drobox documents, DocuSign attachments and all manner of electric document links.  The staff WILL NOT open any email link or file that is any way suspicious – so we ask that you make your purpose very clear and identifiable in the message and look for a receipt confirmation from the MLS staff – if you don’t receive a quick “received” message back from us, it is likely that it never made it to the intended recipient and has been deleted. If you’re worried about an email with a document link or attachment, feel free to give us a call.  Here is an example of what tips the staff off… but maybe we don’t recognize an email address you use in your private life rather than your business address and might be quick to delete something.  Better safe than sorry, we have too much of your data in our systems and must be vigilant about protecting it! Be clear, use business addresses, and communicate with the staff! Thanks so much, stay safe out there!