MLS Issues from the NAR Conference

Refresh MLS Data on Participant’s Websites

MLS Policy was updated to require that all Participants must refresh MLS data and displays on their websites not less than every 12 hour. Staff will regroup, connect with FlexMLS on data feeds, and help you find a solution to this new requirement.

Sold Data on Participant’s Websites

The MLS is now required to provide Participants receiving IDX feeds of listing data for their websites with at least 3 years of  sold data.  They may display sold listing information on their website as well, not just active listing data.  There are questions about the pending, off market and withdrawn data, as policy currently states that only active listing information should be provided in MLS feeds.

 Co-mingling of Data into One IDX search

MLS Policy was also amended to allow Participants that are members of more than one MLS to comingle the data for one big IDX feed and a search on their website that contains results from all MLSs.  This will mean the consumer doesn’t have to search multiple times on a website.  The MLS may, at their discretion, require a listing by listing source attribution if that is the case.  Our MLS Board of Directors will be reviewing all three of these new policies to determine the best implementation locally.

NAR Data Policy Initiatives:

Two other provisions were announced, debated and approved, including a new NAR policy to (1) “Help its members strive to be proficient in data content and have efficient access to the broadest range of data available.” And (2) Develop an industry standard that would allow consumers to evaluate REALTORS® fairly and accurately. Both are interesting.  The first related heavily on expanding RPR and the content delivered through that system and how MLSs throughout the county can be streamlined and improved.  The second refers to an agent rating system.  Both aspirations are controversial.  Stay tuned to hear more.

Data dictionary: 

The RESO Data Dictionary standardizes all available MLS data fields to eliminate the need to “map” local MLS data to website services, such as, broker websites, IDX, etc… This will not stop us from using local terminology in our FlexMLS application, but seeks to change the “back-end’ data feeds to a consistent, industry standard, buy January 2016.  We will work with FlexMLS, already RETS compliant, on any new changes that this might require.  For those that want to learn more… please visit NAR’s RETS Proposal page.

.REALTOR, .Realestate, RPR 

We heard reports on the new .REALTOR top-level Internet domain and NAR’s acquisition of the .realestate domain. While there are mixed reviews on the effectiveness of a new website, the consensus was to try to incorporate the .REALTOR domain to current website uses.  Reports were also given on NAR’s property database company RPR, which has extensive data on 116 million parcels of property and has rolled out a mobile app called RPR Mobile.  Local leadership had mixed reports of RPR Mobile use at the convention… Sandy was able to access the information easily on the iPhone while Steve had issues with the android app.

Move Buyout: 

Talk in the halls and in meetings centered around the MOVE (site operator of buyout by Rupert Murdock of Wall Street Journal fame.  While was announcing a host of new additions to their site, such as consumer issue mobilization and political action, social media integration and agent profiles, there is a lot of talk about the synergy with WSJ content to come, with increasing ad presence and infusion of capital.  As grows, as RR grows, and as Move’s syndication service Listhub captures all market share, there is no telling where the future lies.

CMLS is proud to introduce the CMLS Best Practices.

This initiative was established by CMLS to improve professional standards of our industry through the development and establishment of MLS best practice. The MLS will be reviewing these documents to see if there are any that should be implemented locally for the benefit of our members. They have extensive information on MLS Marketing, Communication, Customer service, Technical and IT support of members, human resources and financial management. For the documents, visit:

Sandy, 2015 Board President Steve Ray, and 2015 MLS President Mary Jane White recently returned from the NAR Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana which was held November 7-10, 2014. Here is a snapshot of MLS issues covered at the conference.