Smoke / CO Inspections

A couple of things about smoke and CO inspections… first, they last for 60 days, so please DO NOT WAIT until the last week before closing to rush for this certificate.  Typically you should know several weeks before closing that the transaction will take place, and that is the time to schedule the inspection.  It helps with scheduling and also when there are issues with the placement of the detectors, there is enough time to replace, relocate and/or reinspect.  Secondly, we have heard frustrations from local fire departments that Realtors are failing to show up for their scheduled appointments because “they got busy”.  Not only is this INCREDIBLY UNPROFESSIONAL, but it is also going to be costly.  Please understand, if you miss your appointment, you will be charged twice – for the missed visit and the rescheduled site visit.  Finally, the Egremont Fire Department has noticed the Board that their fee will now be $50 per visit – each inspect, reinspect or second appointment will incur an additional $50.  So, please make sure your seller is ready to go with smokes in the right place and someone to meet them at the door at the appointed hour.