Smart Phone Hints & Tips

Save or Print Your Text Messages?

Did you negotiate, agree or have an important issues discussed over text?  Until now, we thought those texts could only be saved by screenshot, but now there is an “App For That”.  Thanks to Suzanne Crerar of Stone House Properties for sharing this gem… SMS Export is an iphone app (there is an equivalent for Androids) that will allow you to back up all texts to your computer, and from there easily print some or all of your text messages.

SMS Export is an application for Windows and Mac you will copy the text messages (SMS) from your phone directly to your PC. The software is able to convert the SMS database in TEXT, CSV and HTML formats, giving you the ability to browse them easily from your computer using any application like a text editor or Microsoft Excel.  It’s not a free app… for an iphone it runs $5.99 currently.  But if you have critical texts you want to save, how valuable is that!!  You will first download the app, and then download a free bit of software on the computer that you sync your phone to. Check out the iTunes store or the Android Store.

Too Cold for Your Phone?

Did you know that the frigid temperatures can take a toll on your smartphone — even causing it to temporarily freeze and shut off. Smartphone manufacturers have warned in the past about how phones can overheat on hot days, and now they’re also warning that phones can freeze on a cold day, too. In extreme temperatures — say, minus 10 degrees or lower — the phone can shut off. Even pressing the power button a few times may result in nothing but a blank screen. However, your phone most likely isn’t completely dead. Usually, the phones will come back on when they’re brought inside and have a chance to warm up, The New York Times reports.

The most important thing for REALTORS to remember is that phone battery life definitely shortens when exposed to the cold.  Think twice if walking land or out and about for long periods where you can’t recharge.  Your safety net and your business connection are dependent on a fickle little devise that you’ll want to keep cozy.

Getting a New Phone

There are a lot of trade-in options for your phone, but consider doing some good with a donation.  Many organizations are set up to rehab phones for very benevolent uses.  Most carriers have interesting programs, and they accept phones from any other carrier.

In Berkshire County, the Elizabeth Freeman Center has partnered with Verizon’s hopeline, which provides phones to victims of domestic violence.  EFC  gets a shipment of 50 secure cellphones from the Verizon Wireless HopeLine project twice a year, all equipped with minutes and text messaging.  In 2012 they were also presented with a check for $2,000 from the proceeds from phone donations to support their services.   You can drop your phone at any Verizon store,  or print out the postage-paid label (with your return address filled in) and attach it to the box or envelope. Then, just drop it in the mail.  Print a Postage-Paid Mailing Label

Cell Phones for Soldiers is the cause supported by donations made to AT&T.  The nonprofit has generated more than $3 million to help connect soldiers to their families back home.  For more information on how to donate your mobile phone to soldiers through the Cell Phones for Soldiers program, check out  this video or visit